June 18th Long-Term Charts

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EUR/USD had an interesting week as the central banks now look ready to step in and prop everything up again. The coming Greek elections now look like a bit of a win-win scenario for the Euro. With this being said, it looks like the pair will rise after this hammer.

The USD/CAD pair now sits on top of the 1.02 level. The area has been supportive, but there is a real chance that the Monday session will see a gap below it, and send this pair down to the parity level.

The GBP/USD pair had a monster Friday, and is now trading over the 1.57 level. The pair looks very positive at the moment, and the 1.5750 level would open the floodgates for the bulls. A gap would do that in short order.

USD/JPY fell for the week, but remains above the 78 level. The area starts the section of price where the Bank of Japan got involved last couple of times, and as such we are looking for supportive candles near the 78 handle to buy. A break above the 80.50 level would also have us buying. Selling isn't a thought because of the BoJ.

Published on 16th of June 2012
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