June 4th Long-Term Charts

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EUR/USD sliced through the 1.25 level over the week. The pair managed to bounce a bit on Friday though, as the Non-Farm numbers came out weak. This led to speculation that the Federal Reserve could ease further, and this hurt the Dollar in the end. However, this pair looks weak overall.

The USD/CAD pair managed to pop above the 1.03 level as the oil markets completely falling apart. The CAD continues to follow the oil markets as usual, and as the oil markets fall - this pair should continue to rise overall. The 1.05 level looks to be next, and we buy pullbacks.

The GBP/USD pair is currently sitting on the 1.53 massive support level. If the area gives way - this pair could fall another thousand pips eventually. Because of this, we are selling a break lower, and would also look to sell rallies.

Published on 1st of June 2012
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