November 28th Long Term Charts

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USD/JPY continues to show signs of strength at low levels, but the 0.80 level is certainly where the real fight will be. Until this area gets cleared, the truth is that this pair should continue to provide selling opportunities going forward.

EUR/USD continues to fall, but is rapidly approaching massive support in the 1.31 level. The pair certainly had massive pressure on it to the downside. The pair looks weak, and rallies look like they will provide selling opportunities as the headlines out of Europe continue to be poor at best.

GBP/USD continues to fall as well, and looks very much like the EUR/USD at this point in time. The 1.53 level is absolutely vital as support, and needs to hold in order for any bullish action to be trusted. However, bounces will more than likely be selling opportunities.

Published on 25th of November 2011
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