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AUD/NZD Articles

FX News – Feb 5 2014: AUD Opens Softer VS USD & NZD // 05 Feb. 2014

The AUD/USD pair opened today's Asian session on a soft note, mostly due to profit-taking. Yesterday, the aussie rallied against the greenback after RBA Governor Glenn Stevens took a neutral stance on its interest rate, saying that it would maintain rates at 2.5%. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 28 2014: AUD/USD Returns to 0.87; Kiwi ‘Overvalued’ // 27 Jan. 2014

The AUD/USD is currently going through a period of correction after dropping under the 0.87 level. The pair has been on an upward trend since yesterday and has so far peaked at the 0.8760 area. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 22 2014: Positive Australian CPI Helps Lift AUD // 22 Jan. 2014

Better-than-expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) data from Australia helped lift the aussie against the greenback in today's Asian session. Read more >>

FX News – Jan 21 2014: NZD Gets Boost from Positive NZ CPI // 20 Jan. 2014

New Zealand's better-than-expected Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures helped boost the NZD against a number of major currencies early in today's trading. Read more >>

FX News – December 18: AUD Rises; Traders’ Eyes on FOMC Meeting // 18 Dec. 2013

Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Governor Glenn Stevens gave a speech earlier before the House of Representatives' Standing Committee on Economics. However, he said nothing that was already said over the previous weeks. Read more >>

FX News – December 17: AUD/USD Higher Post-RBA Minutes // 17 Dec. 2013

Australia earlier released the Minutes of the Reserve Bank's Monetary Policy Meeting. It's no surprise that the members continue to see the aussie as overvalued. Read more >>

FX News - October 23: Aussie Rallies After CPI Data Release // 23 Oct. 2013

The aussie rose against several currencies early in today’s Asian trading after the release of better-than-expected Australian consumer price index (CPI) data for the 3rd quarter. Read more >>

FX News – October 11: GBP/USD, AUD,NZD, GBP/JPY Get Boost in Asian Session // 11 Oct. 2013

After dropping sharply on Wednesday, the GBP/USD pair received a slight boost late on Thursday's session. This was after the Bank of England announced no changes in its interest rates and its asset purchase program. Read more >>

FX News – October 2: Aussie Falls on Disappointing Data // 02 Oct. 2013

Disappointing data from Australia sent the aussie plummeting against several currencies, including the greenback and euro. Read more >>

FX News – August 21: USD/JPY, AUD/NZD, AUD/USD News, Plus FOMC Minutes // 21 Aug. 2013

Check out how the USD/JPY, AUD/NZD, and the AUD/USD performed so far in today's Asian session. Plus, find out what to expect during the release of the FOMC minutes later today. Read more >>

AUD/USD Dips Despite Chinese Manufacturing PMI Increase // 01 April 2013

Official Chinese figures and data from HSBC showed a slight increase in the country's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) in March. Read more >>

AUD/NZD trending upwards? // 03 Sept. 2011

As was outlined by Chris last week in his AUD/NZD video the pair could be looking to move higher. It’s shaping up as a head and shoulders bottom with support shown at the 1.254 level by the chart. The AUD/NZD tends to be a “grinding pair” in that large significant moves are rare given the economies are so closely linked together. Read more >>


Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi January 16th // 14 Jan. 2012

AUD/USD fell for most of the session on Friday, but got a nice bounce from the lows. NZD/USD isn't in a triangle - but it has been bullish. The matching hammer at the top of the range for Friday looks very healthy. 0.80 is the mark we need to close over to get long. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi December 20th // 19 Dec. 2011

AUD/USD fell on Monday as the "risk off" trade came roaring back. The low volume did help keep the pair from falling too far though. There is the matter of that gap from a couple of weeks ago however... NZD/USD is the same situation as the AUD/USD, the fall was significant as the commodity markets fell. The Kiwi will be even more sensitive to low volume as it is a less liquid market. We still like selling. Play video >>

Dollar Versus Aussie and Kiwi October 27th // 26 Oct. 2011

AUD/USD fell during the Wednesday session, but bounced in the US afternoon session as rumors came out of Europe about the possible EU "fix". NZD/USD also had a bounce late in the day, but is still in consolidation at this point. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Kiwi and Euro October 20th // 19 Oct. 2011

AUD/NZD has been on an absolute tear over the last couple of weeks, but the Wednesday candle suggests that it could be running out of steam for the short-term. The EUR/AUD looks as if it is trying to form a base at the 1.34 level. Play video >>

Kiwi Versus Dollar and Aussie September 5th // 03 Sept. 2011

NZD/USD formed a red candle and failed at the 0.85 level on Friday. The pair looks as if it has support at the 0.84 area however, and certainly does below until we get to the 0.80 area. The pair looks like it is trying to pullback, which is a chance to find value in the Kiwi in our opinion. Alternately, we could find ourselves holding at 0.84, and testing the 0.86 level - forming a 200 pip consolidation zone. AUD/NZD has formed a bit of a hammer, and the 1.25 area seems to be supportive. The breaking of the Thursday candle should be a great sign in order to go long. If we can break above the recent highs - we are going much higher. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Dollar and Kiwi August 30th // 29 Aug. 2011

The AUD/USD pair has finally broken above the 1.06 level on Monday, an area that we have mentioned as the top of the resistance level that has kept this market down. The AUD/USD pair looks like it is ready to continue its massive bull market. The pair looks like it might find resistance at the 1.08 level, as well as the 1.10 area. The AUD/NZD has broken back through the 1.25 level, rose, and then has fallen back down to the level again. The resulting hammer on Monday looks very promising for the market, and we believe a break of the Monday highs gets the market running back to the upside. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Kiwi and Dollar August 18th // 17 Aug. 2011

The AUD/NZD pair has retraced the down move that happened when we broke the 1.25 support level. Because of this, we are becoming more and more convinced that the pair is trying to continue the uptrend at this point. The 1.27 is the next level of resistance, and is just above. If we clear that on a daily basis - this pair goes higher. The AUD/USD has bounced over the 1.05 level. This level was considered to be a massive resistance area, but has given way on the Wednesday session. This pair looks like it wants to climb to the next resistance area, 1.0750. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Dollar and Kiwi August 17th // 16 Aug. 2011

The AUD/USD fell on Tuesday, only to bounce back up and form a hammer. Now we have to ask questions of the 1.05 area - and we could see those questions get answered on Wednesday. The closing of the daily candle above 1.05 would be very bullish as it confirms the hammer being a buy signal. However, if we break the lows of the hammer - it becomes a "hanging man" - a very bearish sign. The AUD/NZD is currently testing the 1.25 to 1.27 resistance area, but looks like it isn't ready to break above. The 1.27 giving way would have this pair skyrocketing yet again. The pair looks like it will give us a signal soon, as the area is the right spot for it. If we get a bearish candle will follow through in this area, we are net sellers for the long-term. If we get a break of 1.27 - we will buy. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Kiwi and Dollar August 8th // 05 Aug. 2011

AUD/NZD has been falling precipitously for some time, but has found 1.25 to be a point of consolidation. The pair is presently testing the bottom of that area, and could begin to fall again. These pairs tend to move in unison, but the Chinese are buying Kiwi bonds at the moment, and this gives the Kiwi a bit more support in general. The AUD/USD pair is sitting at the absolute bottom of the recent consolidation and trading zone. The pair looks like it is trying to give us a clear signal - either go long at the top of the Friday range, or sell at the bottom. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Dollar and Kiwi August 4th // 03 Aug. 2011

The AUD/USD pair fell again on Wednesday, but managed to bounce from the lows to form a hammer on the daily chart. Add the fact that the pair did this at the 1.0750 support area, this looks as if the pair is going find buyers in the near term. The pair could make a run towards 1.10 on a break of the Wednesday highs. The AUD/NZD pair is forming the same type of candle on the daily chart as well, but just under a resistance line. Because of this, the AUD looks stronger - but we don't like taking this trade unless we get a daily close above the 1.25 handle. If we break below the 1.23 area - this will be a very bearish sign. Play video >>

Aussie Versus Dollar and Kiwi June 24th // 23 June 2011

The AUD/USD pair has printed yet another hammer at the 1.05 area, but is currently stuck in a descending triangle of sorts. Because of this, we have two very distinct signals that are possible from here. The AUD/NZD continues to grind in a 400 pip range, and is currently approaching the "buy area". Play video >>

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