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FX News – May 28: USD Surges Vs. JPY, AUD & EUR // 28 May 2013

The USD continues its surge early this week as it gained against the JPY, AUD, and EUR. Read more >>

Important Events This Week Mar 18-22 // 18 March 2013

Want to know what are the major events for this week? Click on this article to find out. Read more >>

EURO remains bearish despite Greek Bailout // 26 June 2011

The EURO, which has been batted against other major cross currencies, has been given a reprieve after the European Union announced it was going to bail out the Greek economy for the second time. The second bailout is again expected to top 100 Billion EUROs. Read more >>


Euro Verus Dollar and Franc October 31st // 28 Oct. 2011

The EUR/USD pair has had a remarkable few days. The Friday session saw a slight pullback as the euphoria from Thursday subsided a little. The EUR/CHF pair continues to look rather flat. This wouldn’t be surprising if the Euro was falling against its major counterparts, but it isn’t. In a pair that the other currency is being actively weakened by the central bank of that country, why isn’t this pair rising? Play video >>

Euro Versus Dollar and Franc September 1st // 31 Aug. 2011

EUR/USD fell for a second day on Wednesday as traders started to focus on EU debt issues again. The 1.4350 area is just below, and has produced a reaction every time it has been approached recently. Because of this, we fell that selling at this point is dangerous, unless we get a daily close below it. A buy order doesn't make sense until we get well above the 1.4550 area. The EUR/CHF pair fell on Wednesday, stopping right at the 1.15 level - an area that has been very resistive recently. The area should hold as support, and if it does - we need to watch the 1.20 level for signs of a break out. The breaking of the 1.14 level would have us selling. Play video >>

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