August 15th Long-Term Charts

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The EUR/USD could potentially be a flag. A bullish one at that! This videos shows how this is being formed, the levels that we need to watch, and the potential target, which sounds really high. But hey - I can remember when the EUR/USD being at 1.20 was out of the question!

The USD/CHF pair looks very strong suddenly, and the weekly hammer shows we could continue to bounce. 0.80 is certainly a real possibility as the Swiss are starting to talk about pegging the Franc to the Euro. The SNB has a meeting this week, and it could move this pair wildly.

The NZD/USD looks like it is ready to push even higher. The weekly hammer shows that the demand for the Kiwi is still out there, and that the 0.80 area is a massive support level that refuses to give way so far.

Published on 12th of August 2011
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